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We Know Process. So we built Procession.

Procession combines the industry insight of process manufacturing professionals with the skill and experience from our team of certified Sage developers and implementation consultants. This solution was born from the need of actual specialty chemical professionals seeking a solution to fully leverage Sage X3 for all facets of their business.

by Provenio Technology

The Sage X3 Process Manufacturing Solution

Specialty Chemical manufacturers face unique challenges.  You purchased Sage X3 as a best in class solution to streamline your production processes, inventory control, distribution, and financial tasks, but juggling the regulatory requirements of the industry may leave you with some missing functionality.  Procession by Provenio Technology can bridge those gaps, turning your Sage X3 installation into a more robust solution for your business.

Procession Complete Package

You chose or are considering Sage X3 for best-in-class production, inventory control, distribution, and financial management. Procession completes the picture for chemical manufacturers, taking Sage X3 the last mile for regulatory compliance, formula management, quality control, manufacturing, and customer service.

Procession is a fully integrated solution that runs seamlessly within X3, which means that all data is stored and users complete all tasks directly within the application.

No additional hardware. No third party application to install and maintain. No new user interface to learn. No partial integrations that provide limited synchronization with X3. No more “islands” of data that are not accessible from within X3 queries and reports. Procession becomes part of Sage X3, accessible from any Sage X3 session.

Procession is currently compatible with all Sage X3 versions from 6.5 through Version 11.

Procession Regulatory Control Module

With Procession, you can ensure full adherence to federal and local regulations to handle, control and report chemicals in full compliance. Some of the GHS-specific functionality that Procession offers includes:

  • GHS Compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDS) accessible within Sage X3
  • Regulation requirements tracked by product
  • Product Registration tracking to manage sales in restricted locations (Pesticides and VOC)
  • GHS Compliant Package Labels
  • VICS standard Bill of Lading with Hazard designation and DOT Proper Shipping Name

Procession Formulation Module

Procession allows you to manage formulas with the flexibility that ensures consistency and protects profitability with:

  • R&D formulation managed separately from inventory and manufacturing
  • Formula costing
  • Support for multiple formula versions
  • The ability to easily switch formulas for one or multiple products
  • Easy comparison of formulas
  • Tracking of formula properties and lab notes
  • Provide quotes to customers and track R&D formula projects
  • Ability to resize formulas or switch UOMs

Procession Quality Control Module

Manage quality control to maintain the product consistency that builds customer confidence and ensures regulatory compliance. Procession adds the level of quality control that chemical manufacturers need through:

  • Tracking results by sample
  • Easy-to-use QC interface
  • Defined targets and spec ranges at the product-level
  • Graphical results analysis by range for batch, product or question
  • Customer/Supplier specific testing coming soon

Safety & Handling

Make safety information readily available to employees, customers, carriers and emergency responders. Procession provides the additional layer of safety management through:

  • SDS accessible anytime, from any device, within Sage ERP X3
  • The option to deliver SDS with shipping documents
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and hazard ratings (HMIS/NFPA) available to material handlers and batch makers
  • GHS and hazard information available on package labels
  • Designation of multiple emergency contacts and instructions for BOL


Procession Manufacturing/Distribution Enhancements

When manufacturing in batches, you need visibility to target volumes and weights plus step-by-step batch notes. Procession provides more control over the manufacturing process through:

  • Manufacturing notes and ingredient order included on the batch ticket
  • Weight and volume target visibility
  • Boiler plate production notes

Customer Service

To improve customer service, Procession provides a single screen that allows users to track the status of a sales order across the fulfillment process, from production through shipping. Procession provides further visibility to support better customer service through:

  • Drill-down capability to BOL, invoice, picking ticket, delivery
  • Pro number visibility on the order
  • 3rd party freight billing
  • Tracking weights by hazard class