A journey that began in 2006

The initial seeds of Procession started in 2006 when a team of process manufacturing professionals and developers designed and built software that would handle the unique requirements of a chemical manufacturer. The software brought order to the chaos of regulation compliance, formula management, material safety data sheets and quality control. When that team, now the core of Provenio Technology, LLC, shared their work with other chemical companies, they uncovered the overwhelming need in the industry for just such a solution.

Helping specialty chemical manufacturers compete in a fast changing industry

In 2013, the Provenio team approached Sage Software with the idea of selling the chemical industry software as an enhancement suite for Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management (formerly known as Sage X3). Launched under the name Procession, the solution has received outstanding reviews. As the user base continues to grow, our team is dedicated to adding innovative functionality that addresses the ever-changing landscape of the chemical industry.

Procession is an embedded solution created with the Sage toolkit. This is important because it means that your regulatory, manufacturing, inventory, QC, shipping and order data is all stored in a single database and can be accessed through a single user interface. (There is no double-entry like that associated with loosely integrated systems and shared data greatly simplifies reporting.)

Since Procession is built on the Sage framework, your business benefits from all of the deep functionality provided through Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management, such as mobility and “google-like” global searches.

Continuing the journey to support chemical manufacturers with the future in mind

This is an exciting time for the chemical industry. Yes, there are plenty of challenges, but the evolution of materials and processes will continue to move at an ever-increasing pace. At Procession, we spend our time talking to chemical manufacturers and distributors on the leading edge, to respond quickly to change. We are committed to continuous improvement that will stay one step ahead of your business growth.

Chemical companies like yours use Procession and Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management to improve quality control and simplify compliance

Through the case studies and videos highlighted below, you’ll see that these companies were dealing with the same issues that you are researching today. The combination of Procession and Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management has given them a business management solution fine-tuned to the industry.


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