Milk Line

One affordable, integrated business management solution built to meet industry requirements

Procession is a suite of modules for your Sage Enterprise Management system (formerly Sage X3). Procession provides functionality required by process manufacturers and chemical distributors. The Procession modules delivery premium functionality in the areas of sample tracking, R&D projects, formulation, regulatory control, quality control, manufacturing, and distribution.

The only Sage Certified Solution for the chemical industry

Built for Sage Enterprise Management (Formerly Sage X3): Procession is designed exclusively for Sage Enterprise Management using the Sage toolkit. The Procession modules run natively within Sage Enterprise Management, which eliminates the need for your users to learn separate systems. Procession shares the same database as Sage Enterprise Management, allowing greater access to your critical data and eliminating the “data islands” associated with external add-ons. Procession has been tested and verified by Sage to meet the best practice standards.

PFW Migration

In 2014, Sage discontinued support for PFW ERP, requiring many process manufacturers to make a difficult choice. Companies using PFW must either invest the time and money into a new ERP solution or deal with the security risks and reporting hassles of software that is no longer being updated. There’s a better option.

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Food & Beverage Solutions

Volatility is standard operating procedure in the food and beverage business. Between uncooperative weather and fast-changing food trends, you can never take supply and demand for granted. You need systems that will help you change course quickly and make the most of limited resources.

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Chemical Solutions

To take advantage of the opportunities and manage risks, you need to use technology to help employees focus on innovation and quality instead of administrative burdens. Procession and Sage Enterprise Management are built to automate the processes that support regulatory compliance, quality control and safety—specifically for the chemical industry.

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Sage Summit 2019

Join us for Sage Enterprise Management Summit 2019 in Scottsdale, AZ. September 4 and 5th.